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Ampitheatre in Ancient Shiloh

1.The Need

The Ancient Shiloh Archeological and Tourist Site hosts over 60,000 visitors a year.

Many of these visitors come for the tours, to visit the holy site and learn about Ancient Jewish History, but a vast majority of them come for the yearly events hosted by the site and by the Binyamin Regional Council.

These events attract a wide variety of people. Due to the increasing number of visitors who come especially for the larger events the Ancient Shiloh staff has had to come up with creative ways to seat and arrange for participation in these events.

Building a large-scale outdoor auditorium would solve many of these space problems.

Our Goal:
Build an outdoor Amphitheatre reminiscent of ancient times with seating for 6000 people.

2.The Costs


The Regional Council and the Site of Ancient Shiloh made formal requests for governmental grants to cover some of the cost and were awarded $2,500,000.

75% Complete

3.The Process

The application process began in 2015.

At the present time funds are still being raised before any foundation work or building can begin.

4.The Results

Under development

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