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Springs and Beauty Spots

HaGevura Spring Existing of a deep pool and a shallow pool, with a scenic route for walking or cycling. Includes picnic tables and a changing room.

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HaKramim Spring Water flows into two paddling pools from a fish pond and a waterfall. Contains picnic tables and is close to a Nature Reserve.

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Aner Springs An enchanting complex with numerous large and deep pools alongside pergolas and picnic tables. Near the springs are archeological ruins.

Dolev Spring A beautiful spring on the way up to Dolev with a wide pool and seating areas. Tall trees offer a lot of shade.

Ein Mabua The waters of this spring stop and start in a regular cycle. There is a deep pool that empties suddenly and then refills.

Meir Spring This is a group of springs flowing into paddling pools with a picnic area, shade and archeological remains.

The Jewish Brigades Parking Lot This memorial commemorates the soldiers who passed through Binyamin when they fought in the First World War. A sign tells their story at the entrance to Nachal Shiloh.

HaKeshatot Spring This spring contains three attractions: a pool, a water tunnel and a well. If you have rappelling gear, you can even rappel into the well. Surrounded by greenery and a picnic area.

Talmon Spring A layered spring streaming into a pool about 4m long and 1.3-1.8m deep. Includes picnic tables, a swing and a deck from which one can observe the stunning surroundings.