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Our petition will be sent to the Israeli Parliament, United Nations and the White House, and shared online to let the world know just how many people believe in the Biblical, legal and historical rights of the Jewish people to Israel.

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When the Nations can not come to Judea, Judea will go to the Nations

Jeremy pouring out his soul in song and prayer from his Arugot, Judean farm (2)

The Heart of Israel Projects


Holiday Food Baskets for the Needy

 Send food baskets to families in need, so that they too can celebrate the High Holidays.


Target Amount

$60 Per Basket USD


ER in the Biblical Heartland

  Build an emergency room in the heart of Israel to help the thousands of residents living in the Benjamin Region.


Target Amount 

100,000 USD


Bring the Ethiopian Jews home

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews are waiting to return to the Holy Land. Bring the Jews of Ethiopia home, TODAY!


Target Amount

160,000 USD

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Join us and make this a reality. Each dollar contributed, each Facebook share, each supporter- makes a big difference!

Binyamin Regional Council

The Northern Suburbs of Jerusalem – located on the hills of the Binyamin region, is one of the most beautiful regions in Israel, surrounded by countless historical sites and gorgeous nature reserves. The variety of communities in the area makes it easy for every family to find a religious or non-religious environment where they can feel at home and enjoy raising their family. The friendly and welcoming nature of the residents helps newcomers acclimate smoothly.

Enjoy the benefits of the city while living in the countryside:

The proximity to Jerusalem opens up a variety of endless possibilities: employment, extended medical services, shopping, fun, all less than an hour drive away.

The communities in this region are thriving, with new neighborhoods being built, plenty of parks, swimming pools, community centers and more.